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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please let us know!
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What ROI can we expect and within what timeframe?

Our team can rely on proven efficiency savings that are well over 50%. Most of our customers reach a break-even point (or better) in their first year of usage. As every company has it's own context, we are happy to learn more about your business and provide you with an estimation of the ROI you will realize.

What effort does it require to get Customaite up and running in our company?

Customaite comes as software as a service. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure or do technical maintenance yourself. The initial setup requires some integration with your existing IT landscape, and our team has the expertise to guide you through this process with minimal effort and cost.

How mature is Customaite as a product and business?

Customaite is an initiative that is funded by private capital and part of a larger organization ( The investor is aiming for the long run, there is no risk of Customaite ceasing to operate due to depletion of funds. The team behind Customaite is a healthy mix of very senior technical experts and business-oriented people. Our team members have extensive experience in IT and business consulting and know how to tackle challenges in various contexts.

How does Customaite guarantee data security and privacy?

Customaite is built by a dedicated team of senior software engineers who all have consulting experience. The software is designed following state-of-the-art security principles and has been thoroughly pen-tested by an independent provider. We are on the verge of being ISO 27001 certified and have a CAIQ available to provide you with detailed security-related information.


My organization is complex. Will Customaite work for me and how much effort is required to train it?

Customaite performs out of the box as our extraction models are built with a dedicated focus on logistics documents. The system doesn’t require any data labeling by your customs specialists and generates time savings right from the very start. If Customaite is not extracting all the information from a document, the declarant can easily and with minimal effort explain the document structure to the system and extraction is done in real-time.