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How it works


Simply forward your documents

Managing dossiers from your inbox is a thing of the past. Simply forward documents directly to your virtual Customaite assistant via email or API.

The message and its attachments will be analysed by our artificial intelligence, saving you precious time.


We pre-process your customs declarations

After uploading, we will analyse all documents and divide them into the correct types.

Invoices, packing lists, arrival notices, and more are processed into clear and editable information.


A proposal is drafted for sign-off

Customaite will draft a declaration proposal based on the uploaded documents. Additionally, it will take into account your historical data and other known sources (Tarbel, Customs offices, Goods locations, Vessels....) to complete the proposal.

The customs agent remains in control of the dossiers at all times. Customaite's user interface makes it fun and easy to verify the AI.