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Achieve up to 80% workload reduction for your customs team with Human-assisted AI

Save time, cut costs, and boost ROI by automating repetitive processes. Empower your team to execute your business strategy while our cutting-edge SaaS technology handles everything else. 

Stop wasting skills on repetitive tasks

Valuable expertise is often squandered on mundane, repetitive tasks, diminishing productivity and innovation. With Customaite, your highly skilled professionals can redirect their focus to strategic initiatives, maximizing their contributions and driving business growth.

Eliminate overwhelming administration

Dealing with administration compounded by unstructured data complexities can overwhelm your team, leading to inefficiencies and stress. Customaite tackles this dual challenge by automating up to 80% of the workload and effectively managing unstructured data, streamlining your processes and enhancing customer experience.

Reduce error-prone manual data entry

Relying on manual data entry poses significant risks of errors, consuming time and resources to rectify. Customaite mitigates this risk by automating repetitive tasks, reducing the need for manual input and enhancing overall accuracy.

What sets us apart


The only solution designed by customs declarants for the support of their complex jobs


Unparalleled set of features that make the job of customs declarants easier


The best platform in the world that automatically merges multiple documents invoices and packing lists


A unique time to market with weekly updates to our software


Compliant with ISO-27001 

Our software seamlessly integrates with your customs declaration platform​
"A job which took one hour in the past now gets completed in 20 minutes with Customaite."

Wim Gijbels
Business Unit Manager Forwarding & Customs